Beyond Meat and University of Missouri Team Up To Create Meat Substitute



There’ve been many advances when it comes to creating substitutes for food items. Beyond Meat is one of the startups that have ventured into this space, and since 2009 it’s products have appeared to be a very promising concept for the future. The start up was founded by Ethan Brown, and currently employs 50 staff members.

There are substitutes for many different food products, however Beyond Me focuses on meat substitutes in mass production amounts. The start up is based out of El Segundo California, but also has a stationary plant located in Columbia Missouri. And according to the start up, their main goal is to create a meat substitute that tastes as much like chicken as possible.

Much of Beyond Meat’s funding has come from Evan Williams and Biz Stone, known mostly as Twitter‘s cofounders. It is expected that Beyond Meat will create a product that is different from anything else currently on the market. The University of Missouri has been developing the meat product for over 10 years now, which Beyond Me is now starting to take up on its own.

The process by which the substitute meat is created requires plant protein, which is derived of soy and peas. After which, a process of heating is applied followed by a secondary cooling process, and a tertiary pressure process. This third process assist with the realigning of constructive properties in the substitute meat product, so that it’s texture resembles real meat as much as possible.

Previously, Brown had a career in the green energy space. However, he left behind his career and joined the University of Missouri in 2009. During his childhood he grew up on a farm, which is what geared his development of affection towards animals. Therefore, the idea of creating plant-based protein meat substitutes, rather then meat from actual animals was very appealing to him.

For the most part, when companies set out to create meat substitute products, their market never goes beyond vegetarian or vegan customers. Often they may find a market in health-food spaces; but not much. However, Beyond Meat has found a different method of creating meat products that taste so much like the real thing, that many in blind taste tests, have been fooled. It is expected that Beyond Meat will create an alternative for those who aren’t fond a vegetarian food, but don’t want to eat meat either.

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